We want to share the COR.E experience with you!!!  We're offering in-person & online classes.  No matter where you are in the world, you can join us.

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COR.E is a FUN, FULL BODY workout that everyone can enjoy!  We offer group classes, as well as private (1-on-1) classes.  You can choose the option that is most convenient for you, whether that is our in-person classes or our online classes.  You can also grab a few of your friends & we'll create a class just for y'all!!!

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At this time, the cost is ONLY $10/class!  That's right.  These classes are ONLY $10/class!!!

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COR.E SP (sports performance) improves an athlete's speed, agility, strength, & conditioning.  Athletes will move through six stations, each station involving a different exercise.  Most stations use only body weight; however, weights may be used, at the athlete's discretion.  Each station will incorporate sport specific movements, performed at timed intervals, where each athlete will attempt to beat their personal best.  COR.E SP is designed to give athletes a competitive edge.  This class is not for everyone.  This class is for the athlete who is serious about being the best they can be.  If you're not an athlete, that's ok.  This class is also for anyone wanting an intense workout!

Cost:  $10/class

A Sports Performance Training class that focuses on making athletes faster, stronger, quicker, & better!


COR.E Fit is a circuit training class that involves performing exercises at timed intervals, in order to get a full body workout.  You can move at your own pace, based on where you're at in your fitness journey, since each exercise has beginner, intermediate, & advanced methods.  The exercises you'll be doing will use your body weight; however, you may add weights, at your own discretion.  COR.E Fit classes are for youth & adults.

Cost:  $10/class

A General Fitness class that focuses on delivering a full-body workout, through circuit training!


COR.E Fam is an exercise class designed to bring family & friends together.  COR.E Fam involves doing exercises with your family, and/or friends.  For this class, it's best if there are at least two people, although you can have as many as you'd like.  Some exercises will be performed in pairs and/or groups, while other exercises will be done individually.  At times, family & friends will use each other as props/weights.  Most importantly, COR.E Fam is about having FUN!!!

Cost:  $10/class

A Family Fun Fitness class that focuses on bringing the family together to exercise & have A LOT of fun!


COR.E Dance is a fun exercise class that takes the most famous dances, and some that may not be so well known, throughout the years & turns them into exercises!  This is not a "dance class", in the sense that participants are not being taught how to do particular dances.  Instead, the exercises will include, or resemble, the famous moves of these well known dances.  The most important element of a COR.E Dance class is that everyone is moving & having FUN!!!

Cost:  $10/class

An exercise class that takes famous dances throughout the years, & turns them into exercises!!!

All classes are only $10/class!!!

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