Our Group Sessions are completely customizable.  Since there are various reasons why someone would want a group session, we have provided some examples below to give you an idea of what could be involved.  Keep in mind, if what you are hoping to do is not included in our examples below, don't worry...we'll customize a program that fits your needs.  Just let us know what you want!

* Since Group Sessions can be priced slightly different than individual sessions, one of our coaches will contact you regarding payment.

  • Parents don't want 1-on-1 sessions yet, but they want their child to learn and/or get better.

    • For this reason, if an athlete registers for a group session, he/she will be placed in one that we are offering.​

  • Friends want to train together.

    • It could be that athletes just want to train with their friends.  That's completely fine!  For something like this, each athlete involved would need to go through our evaluation prior to participating.  The reason we do this, even though it is not a 1-on-1 session, is in order to get the maximum benefit.  Athletes in a group session should be at similar skill levels (there's enough of a skill level range where athletes do not have to be at the exact same skill level).

    • You can also create your own group!

      • This would be done by having other people sign up with you to form a group session.​

      • An added benefit of doing this is that each person in the group will receive a discount.

        • 4-8 people ($5 off regular fee)

        • 8-10 people ($10 off regular fee)

Group Sessions