Team Training

Our Team Training program offers teams (rec teams, school teams, travel teams, etc.) the chance to get more work in!  We understand the demands and constraints that coaches face, and we'd like to partner with coaches, and teams, to help them achieve their absolute best.  We've provided some examples below of what could be involved.  Again, if something that you'd like to do is not included below, just let us know what you want and we'll customize the program to fit your needs.

* Since Team Training is priced slightly different than individual & group sessions, one of our coaches will contact you regarding payment.

  • Pre-Season Training.

    • We know how frustrating it is, going into the start of a season, having athletes who have not spent the necessary time on "their game" during the off-season.  We will customize a pre-season program that will prepare your athletes for the season, without taking away from the much needed time you will be working with your team.

  • In-Season Training.

    • Have you ever said, "I wish there was more time in the day!"?  We know that there is A LOT of work to be done throughout the season in order to have your team playing at their absolute best.  Our in-season training program is a great way to have your athletes "get more work" without the stress of you having to figure out how to fit it in.

  • Off-Season Training.

    • If athletes want to perform at their highest potential, they should continue to work on certain aspects of "their game", even when they're not in season.​  We will help athletes stay the course, so that they are prepared when the season starts.



We know that you are more than capable of running your own practices.  Our intention is not to tell you how to run practice.  Our intention is to provide a resource.  It could be a good time to give your team a "different look".  It could also be that you see something that you like and want to use it at future practices.  We're about partnering with you to help make your team the best!  We have some unique methods that will help your athletes get better, individually and collectively.

*If there is ever a time that you want help managing practice (maximizing practice time, individual skill development, position specific development, team concepts, etc.), just let us know.  We want to be that resource!  It's about making athletes better!!!