At Victory Sports, you are guaranteed to get better!
It doesn't matter if you're a beginner who's just learning to play, if you've got some skills and have been playing for a little while, or if you're an elite level athlete.  Our unique methods will make you better!
Maybe you just want to learn how to play.  Maybe you want to get just a little better, but have no desire to play beyond the level you're at.  Maybe you want to play at the next level and you have a desire to be the best athlete you can be.
With our "GET BETTER GUARANTEE", getting better isn't a "hope"'s "reality"!

Skill Development

Master the fundamental and advanced sport specific skills needed to be an elite level athlete.

Speed &


Gain a crucial advantage by improving your quickness, explosiveness & acceleration.

Strength & Conditioning

Add three necessary components of an

elite level athlete...

Strength. Power. Endurance.

Sport Specific IQ

Give yourself a competitive edge by being able to "think the game" & outsmart the competition.

Why you should choose the GSS Performance Institute:

With so many seemingly "good" programs out there, how do you choose the best?  There are definitely really good sports performance trainers out there; however, there are also some really bad ones too.  You want to make sure that you choose correctly.  Obviously, I think we are the best sports performance training organization out there!  Here's why...

There are three aspects to sports performance training:

  1. Ability to detect wrong technique/mechanics.

  2. Ability to properly teach/improve right technique/mechanics.

  3. Developing the "complete athlete".

We have the ability to do all three.  The GSS Sports Performance "way" is unique.

We even have a fancy, muscle memory, logo to represent the lifeblood, the foundation, of our system!

Muscle Memory has been used synonymously with motor learning, which is a form of procedural memory that involves consolidating a specific motor task into memory, through repetition. When a movement is repeated over time, a long-term muscle memory is created for that task, eventually allowing it to be performed without conscious effort.

So, with so many different sports performance trainers out there, how can I say we're the best?  Well, anyone can talk about muscle memory and how to use that as part of their program.  However, you can also build bad muscle memory.  Without the ability to correctly identify and asses critical problem areas, as well as being able to make the necessary adjustments, all your hard work will negatively affect your performance.  You want to train your brain to tell your body to do the correct thing in a given situation.  Then, you want to be able to do that over and over again, without even thinking about it.  As an athlete, you want to train that way, so that the correct athletic mechanics remain locked in your muscle memory, giving you the best athletic advantage.  We can help you become the "complete athlete".

We have figured out the secret!!!