We have been making plans for some very

exciting things!!!  Check out a few of them below.

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We have restructured the way we will do training.  This is exciting in many ways, because the process will now be easier, more efficient, and even more affordable!

Our class will be separated into three categories; Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced.

Any athlete wanting to be a part of the GSS Performance Institute will attend a free evaluation session.  This evaluation allows us to place the athlete in the correct class, so the athlete's progress & growth can be maximized.  Even if you choose not to continue with us, we will still provide valuable feedback from the evaluation session.

We offer individual & group training!  Click here for more information.


We want every coach, every athlete, and every parent to be able to pick up the phone, send an email, or even video chat, when they need ANYTHING!  With iCOACH, any coach (no matter what level) will be able to call, text, email, and/or video chat to get help with ANYTHING from tips on skills/drills, to planning practice, to developing a coaching philosophy, and everything else.  Any athlete will be able to call, text, email, and/or video chat to get help with ANYTHING from skill development, to fixing sport specific skill issues, to playing time questions, to recruiting, and everything else.  Any parent will be able to call, text, email, and/or video chat to get help with ANYTHING from helping their children deal with "sports issues" their facing, to helping them understand how to help their children get better, to sport specialization, to recruiting, and everything else.  Go to www.icoach.today to check it out!

Would you like to simply start exercising?
Do you already exercise but want to try something new & exciting?
Are you hardcore about your fitness and would like to conquer another challenge?
You need to try COR.E!!!
COR.E is a circuit training program that involves performing exercises at timed intervals, in order to achieve a full-body workout.  The beauty of our program is that you can move at your own pace, based on where you feel you're at in your fitness journey, since each exercise will have beginner, intermediate, and advanced level methods.  Another AWESOME thing is...the cost is only $5 per session!!!
*Contact us for more details!

Street League is a 3-on-3 tournament league, carrying with it the spirit of playing in the street or at the local park.

No coaches.  No practices.  Just ballin'!

"Tournament League" means that each team will play each of the other teams in the league every game-day, a round-robin format.  This structure allows for players to "play more"...more games, more playing time, more opportunities with the ball, MORE FUN!